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UCeed Social Impact Fund

The UCeed program is made possible by the generosity of United Way of Calgary and Area?and the University of Calgary.

The UCeed Social Impact Fund accelerates socially-purposed organizations using enterprising models to reach mission-critical milestones. These may include their next round of financing or attraction of management and resources to build value in the companies, and community.

As an early-stage investment fund, UCeed uses outcome-based investment with funding to accomplish defined milestones.

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We can answer that — a podcast series

The podcast where we sit down with UCalgary professors, researchers and experts to get the answers to five questions submitted by you.

Episode 12: Are you an Ally??

We speak with?Dr. Adam Murry,?an assistant professor of Indigenous psychology,?about his research project into quantifying the traits of allyship and?how better understanding allyship can help both the groups who need it most and the people who want to be allies.????

Episode 13: Do no harm

We talk with Dr. Abdullah Saleh, a paediatric surgeon and director of the University of Alberta's Office of Global Surgery, about how medical practitioners traveling to lower-income countries can end up doing more harm than good, even though they're trying to help.?

Episode 14:?All I want for Christmas is a Tyrannosaurus

We talk with Dr. Darla?Zelenitsky, a paleontologist and dinosaur researcher, about how the fossil trade is a growing problem for researchers and museums around the world, and how it's only getting worse as?record-setting?sales drive prices up.?


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